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Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

We facilitate sustainable economic relationships between Estonia and China.

Who we are

The Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (EECN) is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to fostering and enhancing economic, commercial, and cultural ties between Estonia and China. Established in response to the growing interest and cooperation between the two countries, EECN serves as an essential platform for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs from both nations to connect, collaborate, and unlock new opportunities.

The Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce is an association under Estonian law.

Logo of the Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

We promote bilateral trade and investments

The Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce actively promotes bilateral trade, investments, and partnership initiatives by offering a wide range of services and resources. These include organizing trade missions, facilitating networking events, providing market intelligence, and offering business advisory services to its members. The chamber strives to create a thriving ecosystem where businesses can flourish and succeed in their cross-border endeavors.

Our mission is

To promote commerce and business relations between the Republic of Estonia and the People’s Republic of China, according to the principles of reciprocity.

To provide a platform for networking, collaboration and self-organization for Members of the Chamber.

To connect companies and organizations in the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Estonia.

To participate in public and governmental consultations in China and Estonia and unite Estonian and Chinese business world.

To pursue improving cooperation and understanding between Chinese and Estonian companies, organizations and people, and cooperation between the Republic of Estonia and the People’s Republic of China.

To represent interests of Estonian and Chinese companies.

To organize joint activities and events, and cultural exchange.

To give opportunities to youth to find international and cross-cultural internships.

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We are an international community of businesses, organizations and individuals from Estonia and China.