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The Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce offers several consulting services such as business advisory, financial and tax consulting, M&A advisory, supply chain and logistics optimization, risk management and human resources.

Export services

Our experts offer support for starting and running export. The company can receive help in form of vast contacts network, business visits, assistance and trade support, legal documents, local representation, accounting country and market insights and reports.

Partner search

Our experts offer partner search services in Europe and China. We assist in finding trusted contacts from our members and partners, and offer an opportunity to introduce reliable, trusted service providers and exporters in Europe and China.


We offer support in marketing and advertising to promote business and events, find new customers from our members by placing ads in the Chamber’s publications and partner network. Members have an opportunity to enter their offers for other members.

Investment opportunities

We offer support, advisory and assistance to investors looking to find suitable investment opportunities in Europe and China. The Chamber’s connections, contacts and insights offers investors everything that is needed for investing.

Funding opportunities

We offer advisory, assistance and huge funding network for companies looking for funding opportunities. With vast network of investors and other sources of funding, the Chamber is ready to help companies in search for funding to accelerate the growth.


If you are looking to expand the scope of your company’s activities, find new markets for your products and services, and never miss opportunities, our procurement monitoring services are for you. We can monitor public procurements in Estonia and China, and international public procurements.