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Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce President participates in NATO-EU Roundtable

Tianze Zhang, President of the Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, has participated in the 11th annual NATO-EU Roundtable conference, where he discussed various issues related to China’s role in global affairs and its relationship with the European Union, NATO, and the United States.

During the discussion, Zhang emphasized the importance of clarifying perspectives, particularly between the United States and the European Union, when assessing China’s growing role in the world. He pointed out that while China has become a strategic competitor to the United States, it remains a significant trading partner and source of foreign direct investment for the European Union.

Zhang highlighted the importance of fostering constructive dialogue and mutual cooperation between China and the EU, given their robust trade relationship and interdependence. He also acknowledged the shared responsibility of China and the EU in addressing global challenges such as climate change, public health, and sustainable development.

On the topic of the Sino-Russian strategic partnership, Zhang stressed the need for multilateralism and diplomacy to create a more stable global environment. He urged the EU to work closely with China, Russia, and other key stakeholders to maintain international stability and promote global governance.

Regarding EU-China diplomacy, Zhang encouraged the development of a more cohesive and unified EU approach to China that balances cooperation and competition while promoting European interests and values. In response to the evolving concept of strategic autonomy, Zhang stated that China should be prepared to engage with a more autonomous and assertive EU, seeking areas of common interest and managing disagreements through constructive dialogue and diplomacy.

Zhang also discussed NATO’s China policy, highlighting the importance of collaboration and communication between NATO and China to maintain global security.

In conclusion, Zhang emphasized the need for resilience, adaptability, and smart diplomacy as the world navigates an uncertain geopolitical landscape. He called on Estonia to play a crucial role in fostering dialogue and cooperation among major powers, promoting digital innovation, building a culture of peace and diplomacy, strengthening regional cooperation, investing in education and youth empowerment, and emphasizing multilateralism.

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