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EECN members invited to the AI Global Forum at the UN

Dear Members,

We are excited to extend an invitation to all Members of the Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (EECN) to join the upcoming AI Global Forum, a groundbreaking event that will bring together legal professionals, industry experts, policymakers, and technology innovators to discuss and shape the future of the legal profession.

  • Date: June 26, 2023
  • Place: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Venue: United Nations headquarters in Geneva

The AI Global Forum is a prestigious platform that aims to foster discussions and partnerships centered around critical challenges related to access to law, equality, and the future of legal professions, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By participating in this forum, you will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain insights from renowned speakers, and explore innovative AI-driven solutions that have the potential to transform the legal landscape.

Key Highlights of the AI Global Forum:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Gain valuable insights from legal professionals, industry experts, and UN officials on the impact of artificial intelligence in the legal field, access to justice, and promoting equality.
  2. Interactive Sessions: Participate in engaging panel discussions, workshops, and case studies that delve into practical applications of AI in the legal industry and explore how it can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including legal practitioners, technology providers, policymakers, and investors, to foster collaborations and partnerships for future growth and innovation.
  4. United Nations Platform: Experience the unique opportunity to gather at the prestigious United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and contribute to discussions that align with the global sustainable development agenda.

The AI Global Forum provides a platform to exchange ideas, share best practices, and drive transformative change in the legal profession. As a Member of the Estonian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, your participation and contribution are highly valued in shaping the future of this dynamic field.

To register for the AI Global Forum, please visit the AI Global Forum page or contact our team at [email protected]. Please note that registration is required to secure your place at this highly anticipated event.

We look forward to your active participation and the opportunity to collaborate with you in shaping the future of the legal profession.

Are you interested to join to our Chamber? Send an application.

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